one of my main problems also was the fact that I wanted to compare to my more successful but now estranged friends. we hadn’t fallen out, just moved in different directions. But since moving countries I put a lot of stock in how they were and to a degree, I suppose, pined for the time missed and the accomplishments I saw them achieve from afar.

You also tend to only compare your situation in the Facebook era to how. You friends are. Doing. But compare yourself to someone wrongfully imprisoned or a cancer victim in their teens. Sometimes you’re doing alright, gain some perspective on where you actually are in life and who is there for you, evaluate who you are as a person and what you can do to improve your life and others.

And don’t let your time be wasted. Know when other people are wasting it. Informing them of that also isn’t the smartest idea, know yourself and just let them know you’ve currently got too much on your plate.

“You cannot start the next chapter of your life
if you keep re-reading the last one.” Michael McMillan

Mehrdad and Tushit are watching a live hockey game on the big screen TV’s, enthusiastically devouring nachos and pitchers of beer. Their attention wavers between the game and the TIPSY WOMEN giggling at a nearby table.
Walter opens his door slowly, Mireille emerges.
WALTER: Mireille!

MIREILLE: Hey, Walter.
Deeth chauvinistically looks Mireille up and down.
MIREILLE (CONT’D): I haven’t been gone that long, how is he now here?
DEETH: Bleeding again?
MIREILLE: No, Jacob, I just wish you’d have committed suicide by now.
DEETH: Ha, cunt. And the name’s Deeth or Mr. Deeth to you. Address me properly. Address me as your superior.
MIREILLE: Again, why is he here?
WALTER: Just ignore him.
MIREILLE: (still at Deeth) Your girlfriend still afraid of you?
DEETH: Hopefully.

MIREILLE: Busy, Walter?
DEETH: You wanna suck his dick?
MIREILLE: Not this shit again. Seriously, if you weren’t Walter’s friend…
Deeth starts laughing.
MIREILLE: (to Walter) Walk?

The park is relatively empty as Mireille and Walter walk. They prefer only walk on weeknights to avoid being pestered or followed.
WALTER: I’ve just been friends with him so long, don’t really have anyone else.
MIREILLE: He’s stupid and cruel, you’re not.
WALTER: He keeps me company.
MIREILLE: Whatever. I can’t deal with him.
WALTER: And you’re entitled to that choice.
MIREILLE: He just further proves why —
WALTER: (interrupting) — You “hate people.” Yeah, I’ve heard you say it enough.
They continue walking, Walter tries to change the subject.
WALTER: I saw your post.

Walter’s look lingers. Mireille knows he read what she wrote on the website, but doesn’t know exactly what he read. She doesn’t know if he read everything or selected entries.
WALTER: I know how you talk. Seemed like you.
MIREILLE: Do you think other people can work that out?
WALTER: You’re on their lists anyway.
They take a few paces in silence.

Daily inspirational quote:
“Be the one who decided to go for it.” Unknown

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