You can change yourself and that’s it. Deliver advice, but don’t expect anyone to listen.

You can change yourself and that’s it. Deliver advice, but don’t expect anyone to listen.

ELMAR: I don’t… David does.
J.R.: (to David) You’re David? The David? The one who always advised her to… [beat] I should kick your fucking teeth in right now.
DAVID: Don’t blame me, I was helping a friend.
Elmar slumps, his head drops to his chest. Nobody really notices.
KAREN: By robbing us?

DAVID: Look —
ELMAR: Yeah, well…
KAREN: [close to tears] How could she do this?
J.R.: I told you that piece of… I told you we should have stayed far away from her. [fixated on David] Right, I want to know what she did. Exactly.
Elmar’s head is now buried deeply in his chest, J.R. catches a glimpse of this and pays attention.
J.R.: What now?
J.R. picks Elmar’s head up by his hair.
J.R.: We’re in the middle of something…
Elmar remains limp. He’s dead.
J.R. stares for a while.
J.R.: Hello? [beat] Elmar? [beat] Elmar! El? Elmar? Hello? Respond!
J.R. turns to Karen, then back to Elmar. He checks his pulse on his neck.
Turning back to Karen, J.R.’s face turns pale.

Karen looks mystified, she believes she knows what J.R. is trying to convey, but refuses. She shakes her head slowly.
KAREN: [in a low tone] No…
DAVID: [stunned] You’re fu — No — I…
J.R. swiftly grabs the gag cloth and forces it into David’s mouth. As the gag is being shoved David yells and fidgets trying to prevent it, but J.R.’s force proves too strong.
David keeps yelling but is muffled by the cloth.
Karen and J.R. stay silent. They pace, stare, tense up and breathe heavily, every now and again glancing back at Elmar.
J.R. pulls Karen aside, out of the living room space and David’s view. J.R. appears deceptively calm as Karen’s body clearly starts to show her fear of the current situation.
J.R.: Now?

Karen, panicking, shrugs.
Neither know what to do and as thoughts rush through their heads, Karen peers at David who’s beside himself.
KAREN: Follow my lead.
Tugging at J.R.’s arm, she pulls him towards David. The two reach him in what seems like a second and Karen begins lifting him.

J.R.: What are you doing?
KAREN: Getting him out of sight.
J.R. looks quizzically as if to say, “Why him?”
KAREN: [struggling] Follow my fucking lead, please!
J.R. helps Karen lift the still gagged and tied David to his feet.
They poorly move him, almost dragging him close to their front door.
KAREN: Keep him propped up.
Karen lets go of David and opens their closet/pantry door.
KAREN: In here.
J.R. is baffled, but does as he’s told. She helps him dump David in the room and shuts the door.
P.O.V. David – Darkness.
J.R. (O.S.): What are you doing?
KAREN (O.S.): I can’t have him looking at me. Not right now. No.

David screams through his gag inside the closet while J.R. moves away to be able to view Elmar.
J.R.: Right, so what now. What now? What do we do with that?
KAREN: How the hell do I know!
J.R.: We have to get rid of him.
Both stare at each other, waiting on the other’s next instruction.
KAREN: [flippantly] Shall we cut him up?

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